Stef Schrader featured in the new issue of Panorama

Link to Panaorama here;

You know her, we all love her and now you can read of her woes piloting the mighty Porschelump around NOLA Motorsports Park for the 24 Hours of LeMons “Can’t Git Bayou” race this past April.


With the great human approach Stef takes to all of her writing, she recounts both the good times (Crawfish!) and frustrations we all face in the world of amateur endurance racing (OK, sometimes it’s crapcan racing, but no one wants to insult the Porschelump). Its a great read, and the photos from Judge Phil, aka Murlee Martin are fitting the glossy pages of Panorama, even if the best pic was not featured....

Which I totally understand, because she took that herself and Stef is no self-promoter.

If you have a copy, give this article a looksie. If you can, check out that online version. And certainly, let’s tell the folks over at Panormama we want to see more Stef.

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